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Why Powder Coat

Powder Coating

What is powder coating and why do you need it?

Powder Coating in its simplest terms is a process in which powder is applied to metal and is heated until the powder hardens and forms a coating over the part. There are many more technical details involved-but the good news is all you need to know about powder coating is our location.


Things you see every day have been powder coated: furniture, fences, filing cabinets, mailboxes, bicycle frames, ductwork, metal sculptures, cars, appliances, lawnmowers, basketball goals…the list goes on and on.

Due to the numerous advantages and uses, it is easy to see how powder coating can add that finishing touch to the piece you have worked so hard making. Shouldn’t your product stand out from the rest?

Here are a few sites that offer more powder coating information:

Now the question is “Why would you not powder coat at Arrow?”

Bin of metal parts


A few advantages to using powder coating over other finishes:

More Durable Finish

Resistant to corrosion

Resistant to peeling

Resistant to cracking

Resistant to impact

    More Attractive Finish

    No drips

    No runs

    No sags

    Wide selection of powders

      Protects the Environment

      No solvents

      No hazardous waste

      Requires less energy

        More Economical

        Less energy expenses

        Less waste to dispose

        Less manpower is needed

        Less expenses means lower prices

        For Best Results

        Since the powder adheres to the raw metal, the metal surface needs to be clean and free of contaminants.

        Although we always inspect the parts, for best results the metal should be free of:

        • Rust/Oxidation
        • Tape/Adhesives
        • Writing/Marker
        • Old Paint
        • Weld Slag
        • Carbon
        • Oil
        • Laser Scale

        We can media blast buildup of most of the above contaminants. We also have several partners that offer chemical stripping, burn-off, and/or sandblasting in extreme cases.

        Worker sandblasting a metal crate